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Cake of the Month!


If you find YOUR cake on this page!!!....You will receive 20 Discount off of your next cake order so watch this space and recommend your friends take a look too cuz it might just be them ;-)


This page is very exciting for me and just a little indulgent as it is dedicated to all my favorite cakes, I have thought of doing this for some time but this year in particular has brought in some really awesome design ideas and I have loved it!, I am never happier than when a client comes in with a really open mind and a few great ideas.

This page will be updated each month with that months favorite of mine, it may be a really cute cake or it may be a creative challenge of defying gravity or it may just be something I really enjoyed creating.

Bring in your wild crazy ideas and lets see what magic we can create .... I LOVE a challenge!


Wow what a week I had making this one.....Awsome!!

It took 5 Days to create this little boys dream cake, I would love to see his little face when he see's it :-)


I look forward to seeing what great ideas will be brought in and what amazing creations we can come up with in the future


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