Cake Of The Month

Cake of the Month!

Bring in your wild crazy ideas and lets see what magic we can create …. I LOVE a challenge!
I look forward to seeing what great ideas will be brought in and what amazing creations we can come up with in the future

Wow what a week I had making this one…..Awsome!! It took 5 Days to create this little boys dream cake.
I would love to see his little face when he saw it 🙂

What a tough month to choose my favorite!, the pure scale of this 14″ Figure had to tip the balance mexican online pharmacy in this designs favour, Really great fun doing this one and a definitely Winner in my eyes.

A fun Funky Cake for a lucky 16 year old Young Lady… love the randomness and fun of this cake
This Butchers Block and Leg of Lamb Cake was a made for Wyndham house butchers to celebrate 1 year anniversary of opening their Chiswick shop … a bit of a challenge not to smother it in rosemary and want to stick it in the oven, it actually looked even more real in the flesh (pardon the pun) 🙂